In 1925, a small Citroen made history by being the first car to travel Right Around Australia!

2025 Mission Journey: Right Around Australia

Join us in retracing the mission trip of 22-year-old Seventh-day Adventist Nevill Westwood on his exhilarating 1925 journey around Australia. Just as Nevill set off in his trusty Citroën 5CV, we are retracing the expedition he and Greg Davies undertook a century ago, in an identical reconstructed vehicle, on our 2025 journey “Right Around Australia“.

The Men - Nevill Westwood & Greg Davies

After becoming an Adventist in 1921 at the age of 18, Nevill Westwood enrolled in the missionary course at Darling Range School; today it’s called Carmel Adventist College. It is here where he met the two-years-older Greg Davis. Nevill responded to a call for missionaries to travel through the northwest of Western Australia to sell a book explaining the prophecies of the Bible. It was entitled “Our Day in the Light of Prophecy”. He also had a keen interest in automobiles and possessed exceptional mechanical skills, which served him well during his journey. There he made some fascinating experiences and learned a lot about his fellow Australians during the journey.

The Citroën 5CV - "Bubsie"

The Citroën was a 1923 5CV model. Nevill bought this car second-hand in Perth. He named the little car Bubsie and left Perth with his friend, Greg Davies, in the Citroën on 4 August 1925, on his trip around Australia. See his original trip and our planned journey in the graphics below. The original Bubsie can be seen in the National Museum of Australia in Canberra. Go here to find out about the reconstruction of our Citroën 5CV for the 2025 journey.

The Story – Nevill Westwood and Bubsie's Journey Right Around Australia

– Stories taken from Nevill Westwood's Journals – Click the images below –

The Story – Part 1

The Story – Part 2

The Story – Part 3

The Story – Part 4

The Story – Part 5

The Story – Part 6


Right Around Australia Route Plan (Google Sheet)

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